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Featured Collection: Nebraska's Eastern Saline Wetlands

By Margaret Mering What are the items? These maps show the Eastern Saline Wetlands areas of Lancaster and Saunders counties, Nebraska. The first map identifies the three categories of saline wetlands with Category 1 being of the highest quality. The aerial map identifies the names of the wetland areas. Caption: Saline Wetland Areas map produced by LPS Natural Resource District in 2003 showing locations around Lincoln, NE. ( ) Caption: Saline Wetland Areas aerial image showing the names of the wetlands ( ) What BTAA Library submitted the item? University of Nebraska Lincoln Interesting tidbits: The Eastern Saline Wetlands once covered an area of over 200,000 acres. Today, because of the drainages of Salt Creek, Little Salt Creek and Rock Creek and residential, commercial and agricultural development, the area is only around 4,000 acres (Li

An interview with Gary Motz

By Shirley Li This interview is part of our Data Provider Series, which highlights local governments and institutions that offer open GIS data. In each interview, providers tell us about their missions and data resources. We hope this will be a great way for readers to learn more about local GIS developments and new initiatives. Name: Gary Motz Title: Assistant Director for Information Services Division/Department: Indiana Geological & Water Survey Website: Screenshot of the IndianaMap Map Viewer. ( ) What is the mission of your agency? The mission of the Indiana Geological Water and Geological Survey (IGWS) is to provide geological information for the energy, mineral, and water resources of Indiana. Almost all of our natural resources are very geospatially focused. We maintain a number of data platforms for disseminating and sharing geospatially focused information. How long has your agency created and/or maintained geospatia