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Featured Item: National Farmers Market Directory

By Karen Majewicz Featured Item:  National Farmers Market Directory Spring has arrived and local farmers markets will soon be opening up in many parts of the country. Image caption: Midtown Farmers Market handpainted sign. Looking for a local selection of produce? Planning a road trip and don’t want to deal with grocery stores? Check out the National Farmers Market Directory , which is available as a spatial dataset, a downloadable CSV, or a queryable web service. The attribute data includes the name, location, seasonal dates, and hours of operation. It also notes what kind of food is available, including the following categories: Organic Baked goods Cheese Crafts Flowers Eggs Seafood Herbs Vegetables Honey Jams Maple Meat Nursery Nuts Plants Poultry Prepared Soap Trees Wine Coffee Beans Fruits Grains Juices Mushrooms Pet Food Tofu Wild Harvested Interesting tidbits: Several states in the Big Ten region have the most farmers markets in the country. The populous states of California (75