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Locating Historical Aerial Photos in the BTAA Geoportal 

By Tara Anthony, Penn State University Libraries   The  BTAA Geoportal  includes historic aerial photography records that span institutions. This post focuses on searching and  locating  aerial photography records in the BTAA Geoportal with a focus on Pennsylvania historical aerial photography collections.    Overview of h istoric aerial photos in the BTAA Geoportal   A  search for aerial photo  yields 1, 701  records  (as of October 2023)  with a h igher  p ortion  of records seen from Pennsylvania, followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, and New Jersey . The  time  period  of the aerial photo re cords  l o cated  is from  the present back to the 1900 -1949  time  period , with the most records present in the 1950 to 1999 time  per iod .    A highlight of some resources wi ll be  pr ovided  her e, along with a greater focus on Pennsylvania historic aerial photo collections. Wisconsin Historic Aerial Imagery