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Pole Position

By Danny Dotson, Interface Committee Did you know that the Geoportal has maps from various themes? Not all of these are in the same "collection" as they are provided by different universities, but are in a way a collection as well. This blog entry will be covering polar maps. The Geoportal has many maps related to areas at or near the poles. For example, 145 maps are flagged with place name Greenland. This includes a scan of a map from 1750 . In the same area, there are 19 maps of the place Arctic . Searching for Antarctica would get many more, probably due to the prominence of research on our coldest continent. There are 261 items for Antarctica, but this time some of them are datasets and websites! But more specifically, you'll see areas of Antarctica, like: Antarctica--McMurdo Dry Valleys Antarctica--Victoria Land Antarctica--Marie Byrd Land Antarctica--McMurdo Sound Antarctica--Ross Island So what happens if you were to just search for Pola