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Indiana Covid-19 Cases Tracker

By Shirley Yue Li Indiana Covid-19 Cases Tracker This is a live dashboard to track Indiana’s confirmed COVID-19 cases, testing levels, and deaths. The county map shows the locations of cases. The dashboard is created and updated daily by the Polis Center at IUPUI. BTAA geoportal has several COVID-19 related data for Indiana. Emergency Medical Service Stations as Developed for the Homeland Security Infrastructure Program: Indiana Hospitals and Clinics, Derived from HAZUS: Indiana Hospitals and Rural Health Clinics: Indiana Hospitals as Developed for the Homeland Security Infrastructure Program: Indiana Medical Care Facilities, derived from Essential Facilities Data of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Data: Indiana Residential Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Hospices: Indiana County Boundaries: Indiana Indiana Population Density: Indiana Populated Areas: Indiana Indiana Major Urban Areas: Indiana

Featured Item: Covid-19 Cases: Iowa

By Jay Bowen Covid-19 Cases: Iowa As concerns over the global coronavirus pandemic have intensified, Iowans may be wondering if there is a reliable geospatial dataset that they can access to do their own monitoring of the virus in Iowa. Through the BTAA Geoportal, the public can freely access the Covid-19 Cases: Iowa dataset, which is hosted by Iowa Open Spatial Data and updated and maintained by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Through this dataset, you can download a shapefile displaying the total confirmed cases and deaths due to COVID-19 by county. Of particular interest to those who wish to make a more than static map of the outbreak in Iowa are the API options offered. Here, you can simply copy the GeoJSON URL and plug it into the JavaScript supporting your online map, allowing your map to display automatically the updated GeoJSON. What I like about this option is that it gives you constant access to the most recent data published by the Iowa Department of Public Health. If