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Collection Highlight: Government Open Geospatial Data Collection

By Tara Anthony The BTAA Geoportal provides opportunities for users to discover individual maps and geospatial items, along with collections of items within websites, online portals, and ArcGIS Hub Sites. One of these collections focuses on government open data portals that span multiple geographic locations of BTAA institutions. This post will highlight a selection of the content found in the BTAA Government Open Geospatial Data Collection.   What is in this collection?   Breadth of BTAA Government Open Data Collection   Viewing all items within the BTAA Government Open Data Collection provides you with over 14,000 records of content covering Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. This includes resources classes of datasets, web services, imagery, websites, and maps. The website resources at the county and state levels provide discovery of geospatial data layers and content to t