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Aerial Imagery: Cook County, Illinois, 2003

By Cecilia Smith Featured Item: Aerial Imagery: Cook County, Illinois, 2003 What is the item? This is black and white aerial imagery captured in 2003 for Cook County, Illinois at 6 inch pixel resolution. The imagery was taken with panchromatic film, which is film sensitive to all wavelengths of visible light and capable of high spatial resolution. The Cook County imagery dating from 1998 is discoverable in the geoportal. Cook County Government makes the data available through the Cook Central Open Data Portal as a web service and as a downloadable data set. What BTAA Library submitted the item? University of Chicago Full extent of the 2003 Cook County imagery Interesting tidbits: The 2000s in Chicago saw investments in green and public spaces and changes to zoning and land uses that are apparent when comparing the 2003 imagery to later years. A series of public spaces opened in Chicago beginning in 2004. The 2003 imagery shows the construction of Millennium Park , a highly celebra