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Booklovers' map of the British Isles

By Laura McElfresh

Featured Item: Booklovers' map of the British Isles

What is the item?

This map, created by Paul M. Paine in 1927, shows literary landmarks throughout the British Isles, with magnified inset maps of London and Edinburgh. It includes places where significant events -- both real and fictional -- happened, plus birthplaces and homes of prominent authors. Some places on the map are shown as little pictures, like Sherwood Forest and the Globe Theatre.

What BTAA Library submitted the item?

Pennsylvania State University

Booklovers' map of the British Isles

Ideas to explore:

  • This map is from 1927. If you were updating it today, who and what else would you include?
  • What other geographic places might make interesting maps for readers?

Where can I find out more?

Have questions about this item, the BTAA geoportal, or maps and geospatial data in general? Please don’t hesitate to contact our project team!

Laura Kane McElfresh is the Cartographic Metadata Librarian at the University of Minnesota.