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CCTV data in the Geoportal

 By Bria Parker

Locations of street cameras in Washington, D.C.
Locations of street cameras in Washington, D.C.

Privacy is a hot-button issue - with all the devices that listen to us, that monitor us, how do we maintain our privacy as citizens? Should we have to sacrifice privacy for safety? How pervasive is the surveillance where you live?

The BTAA Geoportal contains datasets on the locations of CCTV locations and traffic camera for some of the metropolitan areas covered in our geoportal. Interested in how much surveillance monitors the landmarks in our nation's capital? Wonder where traffic cameras are located in Des Moines, IA? Check out our Geoportal! Download layers (or grab web services APIs) and use a tool like ArcGIS online to combine CCTV layers with a host of other municipal data, like crime and safety, arts and culture districts, community development, health, and, location of farmers markets!